Our goals

HIV HGM BioBank was created with the aim of contributing to advance understanding of different pathologies through the transfer, management, register, processing, cryopreservation and cession of biological material from patients, always for research purposes and under conditions that guarantee its usefulness in current studies and future research that may appear as knowledge evolves.

Collaborating with

In order to reach its goals, HIV HGM BioBank collaborates with all of the following:

  • Cohorts, studies and clinical trials of characterised patients, which are responsible of compiling, storing and handing over the clinical and epidemiological information associated to the samples.
  • Hospitals and healthcare centres, which transfer the biological material and its identifying data to HIV HGM BioBank and the associated clinical and epidemiological information to the corresponding cohorts, studies or clinical trials.
  • Researchers to whom samples are handed over to be used in projects previously approved by the corresponding committees.