Collection management and consultancy

HIV HGM BioBank offers comprehensive services regarding the management of private collections for research projects, studies and clinical trials.Amongst others, these services include:

  • Consultancy in legal and ethical matters
  • Creation and management of new collections
  • Designing informed consents and documents necessary to store samples in the HIV HGM BioBank
  • Management of the sample collection in hospitals and centres participating in the collection for multicentre projects
  • Receiving and processing biological material
  • Preservation and conservation of samples
  • Registration of the identifying information associated to the biological material
  • Consolidation of data with the different participants in the collection and with the promoter of the collection
  • Management of sample cession for participant research projects or clinical trials
  • Storage of pre-existing collections (-80ºC and nitrogen)
  • Coordination of samples from multicentre studies
  • Consultancy about project goals and application processes